Longtimeago, there is a fishing village called "BatuVillage", the fishermen and villagers lived in harmony andpeaceful life. Until one day, abig waves washed up the coast and sent along three strangersnamely: Mr. Lai, Hahaand Mao Mao.A pair of kind old couple rescued thembutthe fate of the village began to reverse! The wicked three "Lai Ha Mao" begantocommitlot ofbaddoings from acting as the village chief in the village, seducing Xiao Er, and pretends to be a fortune teller, allthesetodeceivesthe wholevillage.At this time, the Heaven sent the God of Wealth (Ah Cai) to disguise himself as a mortal tosavethe village. In the process, the God of Wealth also met another God (Erlang Shen) whichalsoanother "guard" in the village.Later, the wicked Lai Ha maodecided to deceive the villagers for more money and spreadlies about Ah Cai and Xiao Er.