In the heart of Jakarta, a bustling metropolis, a sudden veil of darkness descended. A nefarious group of terrorists launched an audacious attack, wielding the ominous threat of 13 explosive devices strewn across the city. As the Intelligence Agency and covert operatives delved into the heart of this terror, their scrutiny fixated on Oscar (Chicco Kurniawan) and William (Ardhito Pramono), suspected of complicity. However, the mission of these secret agents soon took a perplexing turn when they harbored suspicions of an infiltrator within their ranks. Simultaneously, the enigmatic leader of the terrorist organization, Arok (Rio Dewanto), continued to sow chaos by orchestrating explosions at eight-hour intervals. The only means to halt this reign of terror was to accede to Arok’s demand for a colossal sum of bitcoin, totaling in the billions of rupiah. Refusal would imperil the safety of every resident of Jakarta.